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Modern Families Blog Carnival – June 2009 June 1, 2009

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Welcome to the June 1, 2009 edition of modern families.


Family Life

  • Raising Whiskers presents Cat Pregnancy posted at Cat Care Tips, saying, “How to get ready when your pregnant cat is about to give birth.”

Health & Fitness

  • Farid presents Teen Acne posted at Acne treatment, saying, “The problem of teen acne is something that over 80% of all teenagers will have to contend with at some point or another during their lives. The problem of teen acne is one that is associated with the same things that cause acne in adults, such as dirt and dead skin cells clogging pores, and of course, oily skin. However, the hormone fluctuations associated with the teenage years can often cause acne flare-ups to be much more severe than they might be later in life. Because hormones cause the glands in your face to create much too much oil, that oil then clogs pores and in turn leads to acne. This is why it is so important for the vast majority of teenagers to implement a proper acne care skin care routine into their daily lives.”

  • Extremebody presents Healthy Diet: Only Part of the Equation posted at healthy diet, saying, “A healthy diet is crucial for a healthy body; there is no doubt about that. You have to give your body the right fuel in the right amounts to keeping it running optimally and looking right as well. However, a healthy diet is only one-half of a healthy lifestyle.”

Money & Finances


  • Cash Tree presents Baby Clothes – Why Organic Is Better For Your Baby posted at Organic Baby Wearhouse, saying, “”Many of us know of the ecological impact of producing non organic cotton baby clothes (where cotton crops account for 25% of the worlds pesticides and 10% of the worlds insecticides each year). The question we hear often is are there really any actual health benefits for buying organic baby clothes. And the answer is Yes, organic baby clothes are better for your baby!””


  • Robert Burton Robinson presents Anger Addiction Will Destroy Your Life posted at Mind Over Mania, saying, “Why do people lose their temper? Why do they let anger control their behavior? Because IT FEELS SO GOOD. Sound familiar? Then you may well be ADDICTED TO ANGER.”


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