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Modern Families Blog Carnival – December 2008 December 1, 2008

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Welcome to the December edition of the Modern Families Blog Carnival. Again, we have a wide and varied range of topics.

Enjoy your reading and Happy Holidays!

  • Deb presents Holiday Fire Safety posted at The Fire Safety Institute – This is the season for eating and drinking and gift giving and tree decorating and more eating. Thanksgiving and Christmas have the odds stacked against them in terms of fire danger.
  • Susan presents Is Ritalin Safe for Preschoolers? posted at Ritalin Advisor – Of all topics concerning Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and the use of stimulants for behavior control, preschoolers and Ritalin is likely the most controversial of all.



Modern Families Blog Carnival – November 2008 November 3, 2008

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Welcome back to the Modern Families Blog Carnival. I hope everyone enjoyed the first edition and keeps coming back to see what else is new.

Before going to our November articles, I would like to suggest that our December edition be about families and dealing with the holidays. We all know this can be a crazy time of year, so I’m sure we would all love tips on dealing with our families, so please share your stories.

There are a wide range of topics this month so I have tried to group like blogs together:


Family Life

  • Terence Gillespie presents Why I Live With My In-Laws! posted at Your Optimal Blog – I can’t claim credit for the idea that my father and mother-in-law move in with us. Or that we move my mom from her nursing home into my office. My wife saw the mounting nursing home bills, knew a baby was coming and swung into action. By the time she was finished laying it all out, one night after work, she had a way to upgrade all of our lives. She was proposing we live like a family. A multi-generational family. It was outrageous!



First Edition of the Modern Families Blog Carnival October 6, 2008

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Welcome to our first edition of the Modern Families blog carnival. I hope you enjoy the articles that we have collected …

  • Steve Holder presents Brain Injuries in Sports posted at Head and Brain Injuries – This article includes information on children’s head injuries in sports. From his circle of friends and acquaintances, he’s discovered that head injuries in children are more common than one might have suspected.